Lenore Engelhardt
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
Over 25 Years Of Experience

$115 Per Session
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Featured Client

I have known Lenore Engelhardt for over 14 years. I am very impressed with her dedication To helping people. She has been involved with various aspects of personal counseling and is Committed to helping her clients improve themselves and their lives.

She has committed her life to Being there for people and empathetically assisting them to change their lives.

She deals with a broad base of clients and has effective results.

I have done counseling for 30 years myself and know she is a life changer with her clients.

-Jac Blackman


We met Lenore during a very dark time in our lives, had it not been for her gentle consul and caring I don't know what might have happened. We had recently moved from Pacific Northwest to Atlanta which was a big change for us and we suffered from the stress and other issues. Lenore was wonderful , she is so understanding and so capable. Having just moved to the area we knew no one and just made a call to her. She was prompt returning our call and scheduling was flexible. We benefited greatly from her guidance and highly recommend her as therapist.


My self-esteem is definitely on the upswing after working with Lenore. She was there for me during a really depressing time in my life. She helped me work through the problems that have kept me trapped and gave me a new outlook on life. She's the best!


Satisfied Clients

It was 7 years ago, that I first met Lenore. I was gravely in need of professional help...Mired in a verbally abusive relationship I had a definite need for guidance and counsel. Lenore has been to help me cut through my confusion and misconceptions bringing clarity with amazing rapidity. Lenore is always to the point, she is able to help me sort the issues that are the sources of my problems. Throughout these years and numerous problems I am lucky to have a therapist like Lenore that I can turn to and trust, who is always able to help me. She has always opened a clear path for me, quickly and successfully.


Lenore has been my anchor in the storm! She helped me through a very difficult divorce and got me to the other side. I will always be grateful for her compassionate guidance and encouragement


I am in recovery from addiction. It's been a rough road to say the least. Lenore has helped me to stay clean during this stressful time. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to have worked with her!



Lenore has worked with both my husband and myself through some very challenging marital problems. Without her we would probably have gotten a divorce. She helped us look at each other with new eyes. Now we are able to resolve our problems and respect each other's viewpoint. Wow! What a difference


I am an abuse survivor. Lenore has helped me realize that I was the victim and not blame myself. She also has assisted me in changing my beliefs about my self. Now I can move forward and let go of my past hurts. I am grateful to have found her!


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